New Scripts

All-England Theatre Festival

The sharing of scripts.

This is the birth of an online respository of ‘original author’ scripts which have been

entered into an AETF festival, so that other groups wishing to enter a festival in the

future, can pick-and-choose from the scripts on offer, and put on the play without

the need for a licence.

This will not only provide groups with an additional source of scripts to choose from,

but also give original authors an opportunity to have their plays performed far-and-

wide. Any group performing one of these plays should obtain written permission

from the author for the production to take place.

The plays have been submitted by the authors themselves, anyone wishing to view

a script should contact the author direct. Click the play title for details

Title of Play:

“Charitable Giving”

“The Flag”

“The Weatherman’s Harvest”